Precision Machining

Specialising in precision machining, Gunther Engineering have the latest equipment.

We’ve Got the Latest Equipment

Eumach FBE-3000

Gunther Engineering are the only South Australian company with a machine of this capability.
Large Bed Size

The enormous bed size allows for much larger jobs to be machined without the need of being dismantled.

Up to 8,000 kgs Weight

Ideal for large holds, forging dies and heavy work pieces up to 8,000kg weight.

Automatic Positioning / Rotating Head

Multiple positioning allows for hard to get to machining to occur with ease, reducing downtime and increasing the accuracy of the job.

Multiple Positioning

Multiple positioning allows for hard to get to machining to occur with ease, reducing the downtime and increasing the accuracy of the job.

Wide Interior Space

Super wide interior space for standard top open machines.

Flexible Machining

Perform both vertical & horizontal machining at the same time once the work piece is fixed on the table.

X Axis Travel 3000

The bed is easily maneuvered up and down and sideways also to reduce downtime.

Large Working Area

Working area 3100 x 1050 x 1000 with option to operate with job positioned out of machine.

4th Axis Dividing Head and the 5th Axis

The 4th axis dividing head and the 5th axis rotating head is it what makes this machine unique.

Machine Multiple Sides of Piece

Machine Multi-Sides of workpiece with a single set up.

Hydraulic Counterbalance

Hydraulic counterbalance on vertical movement.

Our Expertise

What We Can Do

  • Manual machining, turning, slotting, grinding, horizontal boring.
  • All aspects of CNC Machining including turning & milling.
  • Specialising in replacement of axle stubs using heat treated stubs for longer life. Most stubs are in stock.
  • Hardened and Ground Pins, Hardened & Ground Bushes, Diff, Gearbox & Bell Housing Repairs, Rod & Cylinder Replacement.

Our Machines

Machining Capabilities

Ajax Fel 1760 ENC
Ecoca EL6120E
Quantum S1500D
CNC Machine Centre 1500 x 780 x 869 with 4th Axis Equipped with 24 Tool Turret
CNC Turning Up To 1900 x 840 Diameter
Manual Turning 3000 x 960 Diameter
Manual Milling Slotting & Cylindrical Grinding

Our Items

Stocked Items

A range of stock items are available to speed up your repairs. Special orders can be considered to be kept in stock for future use.
Thrust Washer
Axle Quill
Axle Split Nut
Bearing Spacer
Bronze Bush